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CfG has over 10 years experience of marketing in the OSS (Operations Support Systems) market, with a strong knowledge of the issues, players and trends.

OSS is a particularly challenging sector of the software industry. The attitudes of target customers vary widely from hugely conservative “not invented here”, to willing adopters of new technologies; and it’s not as simple a division as large vs small carriers. As in all marketing communications, the key is to gain insight, understanding of the full range customer attitudes and target those with the best potential for your business.

Despite a degree of consolidation in recent years, the OSS community remains vibrant, with hundreds of vendors and TMF membership at record levels. The OSS community has struggled to make its voice heard at the top table in telecom. As those inside the community know, this is somewhat ironic, since OSS is the engine of a service provider’s business. Without it, Billing is starved of the transactions required to generate revenue.

Even the so-called consolidation in the OSS industry has been led by 'external' influences from adjacent spaces, more than internal coalescing of players.

The reality is that there is a continuously expanding opportunity for OSS vendors. The rate of change and innovation in network technology, combined with the new complexity at a software-configurable service layer, means that requirements for new solutions are being created all the time.

As a result of convergence, communications businesses are not becoming simpler to operate – they are becoming more sophisticated exactly as the demands from customers become more sophisticated. All forecasts point to growth in the OSS market.

CfG looks forward especially to assisting clients in the OSS sector with understanding the market, and developing the communications necessary to secure a distinctive and compelling position within it.

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