CfG Communications for Growth

About CfG

CfG (Communications for Growth) was established to address a key challenge for emerging software vendors: how to evolve their market positioning from technology- to business-focused.

Our experience draws on almost 20 years in the telecom software industry, spanning technical and marketing disciplines; PR, Analyst Relations, Product Marketing and more.

In particular, over a decade at one of the telecom software industry’s outstanding success stories, Cramer Systems.

Whether for start-ups or established companies, CfG’s support enables clients to:

  • Generate more inbound, good fit sales opportunities and accelerate the sales cycle
  • Release key technical staff or executives to focus on strategy and management
  • Effect a material change in their market positioning from start-up to emerging leader
  • Rapidly develop further market-facing materials that reinforce key messages
  • Leverage PR activity to support both sales and strategic growth
  • Successfully deliver effective messages to the right audiences

CfG’s abilities are informed by first-hand experience of creating and managing market communications in the highly competitive and rapidly changing telecom software market.

We are UK-based, but work on client engagements globally as required.

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