CfG Communications for Growth

The Big Idea

Biggest brains on the planet; enthusiasm you could power a city with; and yet... sales are slow. You’re just not “getting the message” across.

So what is the message? And how are you delivering it?

CfG aims to get your growth back on track, by helping you establish the messages that you really need to be delivering in order to win new business.

That means working with you to understand your market, your technology and your value propositions; changing your market-facing materials to reflect these, or creating all-new materials, such as web content, case studies, white papers or sales team primers.

CfG believes that for emerging technology companies, “communicating for growth” requires understanding of the different expectations and behaviour of two quite distinct markets.

Early Stage Market Communications
Mainstream Market Communications


Workshops and whiteboards

Technical evaluations

Purchases by empowered technologists

Ability to experiment is more valued than references

Peer buyer-to-vendor relationship

Customised propositions

Communications need to be in person, and focus on technical explanation and proving

Business and customer experience focused

Whitepapers and references

Operational impact evaluations

Purchase by combination of technical, business and procurement staff

Wider industry reputation is important

Vendor is a supplier, not a peer

Standardised propositions

Communications need to be more structured, direct and self-service

CfG offers a way to effect the necessary change in approach, emphasis, language, style and content of market-facing communications.

Whether for start-ups or established companies, CfG’s support enables clients to:

  • Generate more inbound, good fit sales opportunities and accelerate the sales cycle
  • Release key technical staff or executives to focus on strategy and management
  • Effect a material change in their market positioning from start-up to emerging leader
  • Rapidly develop further market-facing materials that reinforce key messages
  • Leverage PR activity to support both sales and strategic growth
  • Successfully deliver effective messages to the right audiences

And because we’re exclusively focused on the core messages, our work can complement in-house Marketing as well as existing relationships with creative agencies or PR firms. We’ll even provide recommendations of complementary vendors.

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