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Emerging software companies face particular challenges as they aim for growth beyond their first few, hard-won customers:

  • Sales begin to plateau as the market of “early adopter” customers is exhausted, but a “mainstream” market has not yet materialised
  • High dependency on a handful of key staff to attend meetings or develop collateral – often compromising their primary role in technical or business management
  • Product and company positioning drifts, with inconsistent, confusing or conflicting messages delivered to customers, staff, investors, analysts and media
  • Little or no results from expensive PR fees
  • Too small to hire a full-time marketing team; too large to be without marketing support.

CfG believes that a solution to all of these issues lies in developing new market communications that better align with the expectations and behaviour of “mainstream” customers.

Early Stage Market Communications
Mainstream Market Communications


Workshops and whiteboards

Technical evaluations

Purchases by empowered technologists

Ability to experiment is more valued than references

Peer buyer-to-vendor relationship

Customised propositions

Communications need to be in person, and focus on technical explanation and proving

Business and customer experience focused

Whitepapers and references

Operational impact evaluations

Purchase by combination of technical, business and procurement staff

Wider industry reputation is important

Vendor is a supplier, not a peer

Standardised propositions

Communications need to be more structured, direct and self-service

CfG offers a way to effect the necessary change in approach, emphasis, language, style and content of market-facing communications.

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